Connecticut Pharmacy Technician Schools, Salaries & Certification

Formal training programs in pharmacy technology offered in the state of Connecticut can range between 6 months to two years. You can choose between a Certificate, Diploma and Assoc. Degree. Training programs can be found in vocational schools,community colleges, private colleges and in select hospitals. The course focuses on teaching individuals about the preparation and distribution of medicine, correctly labeling and filing orders, patient record maintenance and general assistance to a licensed pharmacist.

Typical pharmacy technician classes covered within the training course include:

  • Orientation to Pharmacy Practice (covers duties and responsibilities of pharmacists and pharmacy technicians, types of pharmacies and workplace environments)
  • Computer Applications for the Pharmacy Technician ( covers word processing, creating documents, billing, inventory control and typing speed),
  • Pharmacy Law and Ethics ( covers pharmacy law and good ethical practices) and much more including the Pharmacology Technician Certification Review which will help graduates to sit and pass the National Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT) examination, whether it is PTCE or ExCPT.

Connecticut Pharmacy Technician Training Schools

Connecticut Pharmacy Technician Certification (CPhT)

The State of Connecticut does not require PTCB certification. This is a completely voluntary process. However some employers do seek either PCTB or ExCPT certification when hiring and if you do decide to pursue certification some employers will also generally offer higher wages- compare average salary against PTCB certification below.

When passing your certification exam you will be able to carry the title of Certified Pharmacy Technician (CPhT) after your name.

What does a pharmacy technician make in Connecticut?

The average pharmacy technician salary in Connecticut for 2014 is $32,450 or $15.60 hourly rate*. PTCB Certified Pharmacy Technicians in CT earn an average of $44,000 or $21.15 per hour. Senior and Lead Pharmacy Technicians in CT earn an average of $42,000 or $20.19 per hour. An Outpatient Pharmacy Technician earns the highest with an average of $45,000 or $21.63 per hour. (Source:

Connecticut Pharmacy Technician license requirements

To work anywhere in the state of Connecticut as a Pharmacy Technician you require registration. To obtain it you need to fill out the Pharmacy Technician Registration form from the website of This application has be to completed by you and by the pharmacy manager of where you are working at - so you would need to be working in that capacity in order to qualify for registration.

The pharmacy manager's signature means that you are getting on the job training. The State of Connecticut doesn't require specific pharmacy technology training programs or PTCB certification. However some employers may require you to have some basic foundation of pharmacy fundamentals and terminology. Also if you choose to work in a hospital setting these facilities usually require some formal training which can be obtained through a certificate, diploma or assoc. degree program found in any of the Connecticut pharmacy technician schools.