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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Vancouver, WA

As the Baby Boomer population ages, and the demand for prescription medication increases so does the demand for qualified people to dispense them accurately and safely. Pharmacy Technicians play a big part in that process and so that’s why, as a profession, pharmacy tech is a growing a lucrative option.This is true of the State […]

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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Spokane, WA

The designation of Pharmacy Tech is given to those who help pharmacists assemble and dispense prescription medication, not just in retail settings but also in hospital and clinic pharmacies. Theirs is an important job, and the demand for their skills continues to grow.This demand exists in the State of Washington as much as anywhere else. […]

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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Seattle, WA

Pharmacy Technician is a role in the healthcare field that has been growing in terms of both demand and earnings potential for several years now, and that’s as true in Seattle, Washington as it is anywhere else.Pharmacy Tech offers people from all kinds of backgrounds a chance to enter the healthcare field, and enjoy a […]

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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Renton, WA

Did you know that it takes a minimum of five years to become a pharmacist? For some that much schooling is impractical or just not something they want to undertake. However, as the pharmacy field continues to grow it is still one that many would like to get into. By becoming a Pharmacy Technician, a […]

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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Lynnwood, WA

Career opportunities for pharmacy technicians are growing, and that’s as true in Washington State as it is anywhere else in the country. If you are looking for a job that offers variety, a stable salary and a way to begin a career in the medical field without five to seven years of formal schooling, then […]

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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Everett, WA

Pharmacy Tech is an exciting – and increasingly lucrative – way to enter the medical field without the need for many years of schooling. That does not mean that the work pharmacy techs do is not complex or vital though, it is, especially as an aging population increases the demand for prescription drugs.In the State […]

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