How To Ace The Pharmacy Technician Test

Ready to become a Certified Pharmacy Technician? Then one of the first hurdles you have to conquer is to pass the Pharmacy Technician exam.  This is the final test that will assess your skills, knowledge and abilities in regard to the pharmacy tech courses that you have completed.

Once you have successfully completed and passed this certification examination you will be awarded the CPhT professional title. Acing the Pharmacy Technician test is very possible but only if you approach the exam with the right attitude and the correct study habits.

Beginning with the very first class you have been prepping for this one major test. Now it is the only thing standing between you and a well-paying career. This is your chance to prove to yourself and others that you do indeed have exactly ‘what it takes’ to work in a field where math skills, safety, accuracy and an eye for details are some of the most important factors.

As a certified pharmacy technician you will be given a number of challenges and duties. These will include assisting pharmacists in the preparation of prescription medications, helping dispense medications and often serving as a liaison between the pharmacy staff and customers.

Learning How to Pass the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board Examination

This exam will encompass all of the material that you have learned during the time you have been enrolled in pharmacy tech classes. The one thing that you must not do is to allow yourself to become overwhelmed by the looming specter of the examination.

Some people become so consumed by the upcoming examination that they mistakenly try to review every minute detail of each and every related course they have covered in school. This will not help you pass the test, and it could make you so stressed out that you will miss many of the questions that you would ordinarily have aced.

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•What you should do is to organize your study time.

You might begin by arranging a specific study period each day. Make sure that you choose a time when you will be least likely to be interrupted. You should take a short break every 45-60 minutes so that you do not lose your focus, become bored or drop from sheer exhaustion. A study break will give you time for a short walk, a meal or just a chance to talk with someone for a few minutes and relax.

•A study group with a few of your classmates will also be a good idea.

When you study as part of a dedicated group it will help increase your motivation. You might be surprised how many topics become clear once you discuss them as a group. If you have a particular weakness in one area there will be someone who can help tutor you and you will surely be able to offer assistance to another study partner as well.

•Target the individual topics that you need to study and spread these out over several weeks as opposed to trying and cram all of the information into a 24 hour period.

•Spend more time on your weaker subjects but do not neglect a short review of the subjects that you have mastered.

Ace the Exam with One on One Tutoring

You might want to inquire at your local college or through an online message board and find out who will be available to provide individual tutoring services. This will cost you perhaps $15-25 per hour depending on the tutor you choose.

Today there are even companies that offer specialized tutoring for almost any class or national exam. You can find help that is available in your local community or online.

If you check the website for the Pharmacy Tech Certification Board you will discover that they have a number of practical exams available. These are going to be structured much like the real exam and will provide you with some valuable practice. You do have to pay a small fee for these practice tests and you will only have a total of 90 minutes to complete each one.

After you complete these tests you can check your scores and find out which areas are your weakest. You can then study on the targeted topics where you need to improve.

Terrific Test-taking Tips

Make sure you eat a good breakfast beforehand. Your brain needs the fuel from good nutrition in order to operate at maximum efficiency.

Do not try to hurry through the test-take your time.

If you do not know the answer to a question, move on to the next question. Return to the skipped question at a later time.

Review all of your answers once the test is completed. This will let you check to make sure that you have filled in an answer for each question.

Do not go back and start changing your answers unless you are 100% certain that the new answer is correct. Second guessing your first answer can lead to a lower score because the changed answer is often incorrect. Trust your gut instinct!

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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