How to Get High Marks in the Pharmacy Technicians Certification Exam?

A pharmacy technician is a pharmacy staff member whose daily routine is to prepare, check, compound and provide medication, drugs and health care products to the patients as well as perform pharmacy related functions. They are not allowed to provide consultation to the patients as it is done by pharmacists.

However, in the United Kingdom, pharmacy technicians who have undergone specific training and continuing professional development program in this particular area are qualified to consult patients on their medication. In a higher level, pharmacy technicians who obtain certification are responsible to supervise the operational management of the dispensary and manufacturing departments in hospital pharmacy.

In the United States, the Institute of Certification of Pharmacy Technicians and the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board are offering certified pharmacy technician programs. All candidates must be able to go through the full training and certification process before they are qualified for this profession.

One of the most popular exams for pharmacy technicians is the Pharmacy Technician Certification Examination offered by Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB). This particular examination is to access the requisite foundation of knowledge and skills of the test takers. To be a qualified pharmacy technician, you need to pass this examination and score high marks in the exam. It will definitely add more value on the certification you obtain. The higher the score you get, the more knowledge it shows you have in the particular field and the more skills you will be able to master.

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What is the pass rate for the PTCB exam?

For the 2020 exams, the pass rate for the PTCE was 70%. That’s considerably higher than the previous two years 58% and 57%. 

Recommended Tips to Help Improve Your PTCB Exam Score

PTCB Study Group

Form a study group to help you better understand a difficult topic

Firstly, work out a detailed and achievable study plan for yourself. With a planned schedule, you will be able to study in a more systematic and disciplined way. At least, you don’t need to burn the midnight oil and you have a higher chance to pass the exam with flying colors with sufficient revision time.

You may even form a small study group among your friends or your colleagues who are sitting the same examination to have a good discussion and brainstorming session. You will be able to better understand the topic be it Law, Math or Pharmacology, when you discuss it out among your peers. This is by far the most successful tip for pharmacy techs to help prepare for the PTCE exam.

Next, get yourself familiar with all the modules involved to have a full understanding of all the related topics and concepts. What you need is a comprehensive manual for this examination. Since there are many technical terminologies that you need to memorize, make sure you break them down into simplified plain language which you can understand and remember faster. Indirectly, it will help you answer the assessments in an easier manner.

Thirdly, get all the necessary references from the library or read all the related topics online in order to get the latest and additional information. You should also obtain past papers to get the “feel” of answering questions. You can do your own analysis when you are practicing past year questions.

Furthermore, if you are working in the related field and you manage to get on the job training, it will be easier for you to handle the examination as you are able to possess the necessary skills offered by your current job and a get a real feel for it.

Last but not the least; do not panic during the examination. Do not lose confidence when you encounter tough questions. Be calm and analyze the possible answers and there is a good chance you can still get the right answer. Besides, try your best to avoid careless mistakes during real examination.

What happens if you fail the PTCB exam?

If you don’t pass the PTCB exam on your first go, you can pay and reapply to take the exam a second or third time 60 days after your most recent attempt. If you fail on your third attempt, the required waiting period is 6 months before you can re-apply.

Set a positive study attitude continuously and you will be successful.

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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