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One of the best-known tourist destinations in the United States, and one of its most historic cities, New Orleans and the immediate area surrounding it is also home to more than a million people. All of whom make use of one of the many pharmacies in the area at some point, whether it's retail or clinical.

Becoming a pharmacy technician is a career option that is increasingly appealing to people across the country, with New Orleans being no exception. It offers a way to work in the medical profession without the need for five or more years of expensive schooling and is a profession that is growing in both demand and earning potential.

A pharmacy technician in a retail pharmacy at checkout with a customer.

Louisiana requires its pharmacy technicians to be formerly certified and issued with a license from the State's Board of Pharmacy. This means that while not all states require that techs pass the PTCE or ExCPT certification test to obtain the formal title of CPhT, Louisiana does.

A change in the way these certifications work in 2019 means that in order to be eligible to take the PTCE, as set by the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) or the ExCPT as set by the National Health Careers Association, a student must complete a PTCE approved training course, which is where choosing the right Pharmacy Technician program in New Orleans comes in.

So here's a complete list of available schools in New Orleans offering pharmacy technology programs. 

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Employment & Salaries for PT's in New Orleans

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, in 2019 6,150 people were registered as certified pharmacy technicians. Of those people 1,790 identified themselves as living and working in the New Orleans area.

In terms of salary during the same period the average hourly salary paid to a New Orleans pharmacy technician was $16.56. At the lowest end of the scale, new, inexperienced pharmacy technicians were paid, on average, $12.16 per hour with that figure rising to $22.36 for experienced pharmacy technicians, usually those employed in a clinical pharmacy setting.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in New Orleans, LA

As previously mentioned, to sit the PTCE pharmacy technician certification exam candidates must now have completed a PTCB approved training program. In the past, prior to 2019, that requirement could be bypassed by having completed 500+ hours of practical work experience in a pharmacy, but that is no longer the case.

Now, attending a pharmacy tech school is a must for those wishing to become pharmacy technicians in New Orleans.

There are several such programs - and schools - close to home for New Orleans students to choose from. Each of them is at least slightly different to the others however, meaning that one may better suit your needs versus another. Here we are going to take a closer look at these schools to help you make the best possible decision for you.

Unitech Training Academy

? 5401 Jefferson Highway, Suite D, New Orleans, LA 70123|☎ 504-541-6961

Unitech Training Academy is a vocational school with campuses across Louisiana, including a centrally located facility in New Orleans. The school offers a number of work orientated diploma programs, including a Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program.

Their pharmacy tech program is also available at the following campuses: Alexandria, Baton Rouge, Houma, Lafayette, Lake Charles, and West Monroe.

This program is designed to give students the knowledge and informational tools needed to pass the PTCE or ExCPT certification exam and obtain formal licensing with the Louisiana State Board of Pharmacy. It is a full time, day-based program that is comprised of classroom learning, lab work and a number of 'field trips' to local retail and clinical pharmacies. Students may also participate in a school arranged externship with a local CVS pharmacy.

The program is designed to be completed in around 9 months. Classes are offered year-round. In terms of cost the program is a Title IV eligible one and individual costs depend on a student's residential status, age and current income. The school advises meeting with an Admissions Representative to determine what your costs might be.

Federal and State financial aid is available to those who qualify as well as a limited number of state retraining and workforce grants.

To be admitted to the program students must be 17 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED. They must also pass a basic skills test as well as drug and criminal background checks.

The Unitech Training Academy Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program is a PTCB approved training program and is also approved by the National Health Careers Association, the body that sets the ExCPT.

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Delgado Community College

? 615 City Park Avenue New Orleans, LA 70119|☎ (504) 671-5000

Delgado Community College offers high quality education across a wide range of subjects at an affordable cost to Louisiana state residents. Its campus is located in central New Orleans and caters to students of all ages.

Its pharmacy technology program is divided in two. The Basic Certificate option offers students the information and experience needed to take - and pass - the PTCE exam. Should they choose to, graduates of that program can then take an additional Advanced Pharmacy Technician Diploma that adds additional training and work experience for those hoping to work in a clinical pharmacy setting.

The Basic Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program can be completed in around six months. The Advanced Pharmacy Technician Diploma then adds an additional three months of schooling to the total. Students are eligible to take the certification exam of their choice after completion of the basic portion of the program.

The cost of the program is charged on a per credit basis. This will vary according to a student's age, residence and income, with lowest tuition made available to local residents. Traditional Federal and State financial aid is available to students who qualify. To be admitted to the program students must be at least 17 years old, hold a high school diploma or GED and pass criminal background and drug tests.

Both portions of the Delgado Community College Pharmacy Technician Program are approved by the PTCB.

Delta College (Covington Campus)

? 2401 N. Hwy 190, Covington, LA 70433|☎ (985) 400-2623

Delta College is a vocational school that maintains campuses across the state, including one in Covington, just outside the city of New Orleans. For those interested in becoming a pharmacy technician in New Orleans their nine-month Pharmacy Technician Program may be a great choice.

To be admitted to the program students must be at least 18 years old and hold a high school diploma or GED. In addition, they must pass drug and criminal background checks and a basic skills assessment set by the school.

The program if completed within normal timeframes, costs $15,500.00 in 2020. This included the cost of books, lab fees and the fee to take the PTCE and to obtain the required drug and criminal background screens. Federal and state financial aid is available to those who qualify, as are a limited number of workforce retraining grants provided by the state.

The Delta College Pharmacy Technician Program is completed on a full-time basis with classes held during the day on a Monday through Friday basis. An 80 externship is arranged by the school with a local employer, offering the kind of practical, hands-on experience that many employers prefer. PTCE prep classes and materials are also included as a part of the curriculum and of the cost of the program.

The Delta College Pharmacy Tech Program is approved by the PTCB.

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