Pharmacy Technician Hopefuls Can Train At Walmart

Walmart provides an excellent working environment for its pharmacists, which may be one reason that the retail giant opens its pharmacies’ doors to students who want to train to become pharmacy technicians. As a pharmacist technician, Walmart offers health benefits, flexible hours, relocation opportunities, free continuing education, and advanced technologies, all factors that can add enjoyment and fulfillment to the career.

The Walmart pharmacy technician program can help prepare students for a long-lasting career in the industry, as well as give them the knowledge of how to advance in the industry or return to school in order to become a pharmacist.

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Benefits of the Walmart Pharmacy Technician Program

Because Walmart offers several career paths into its pharmacy, anyone who is interested in becoming a pharmacy technician or pharmacist can take advantage of the Walmart pharmacy technician program and other training and continuing educational programs the store offers.

Walmart puts a great bit of emphasis on technology in its pharmacies, which is just one reason it has created its own software system to improve accuracy and efficiency in all of its stores. The software not only connects to a nationwide database of pharmacists, but it also grants patient history access in an instant.

The Connexus is a management system used for billing and coding as well in all of Walmart’s pharmacies, and those who participate in the Walmart pharmacy technician program will receive first-hand training on how to use the system, giving them an advantage over other candidates when it comes time for employment. Walmart states that the Connexus system provides for a paperless working environment through touchscreen and technology utilizing radio frequency for faster transactions and patient assistance.

The majority of the pharmaceutical technician program offered by Walmart consists of hands-on training in the pharmacy, as well as online training, and practice with the retail company’s Connexus system.

Each section is completed online, and Walmart tests students after the completion of each section of curriculum, which can last several days, depending on the speed at which the participant completes each section.

Following the online learning, students are prepared for hands-on practice. In order to provide the best possible training under an experienced pharmacist, program participants may be transferred to another location in order to receive proper supervision and observation during the hands-on portion of the training program.

Who Should Apply to the Program?

The Walmart pharmacy technician program provides on-the-job training, which means that those who have not completed formal pharmacy technician education and training may apply.

Completing Walmart’s program may put participants above other candidates when it comes time to get a job with Walmart, but overall, employers prefer pharmaceutical technicians who receive certification after completing an accredited training program.

Both avenues can provide job security, so it is up to the applicant to decide whether he or she would prefer an outside training program or Walmart’s pharmacy technician program. Students are currently enrolled in a pharmacy technician program may be eligible to work at Walmart through an internship, which would provide the student with a similar experience to the Walmart technician program.

Have you recently completed a Walmart Pharmacy Technician program? Care to share with other readers what aspects about the program you enjoyed the most and would you recommend training with them? Add your experiences in the comment box below and share with others your experience!

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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