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A pharmacy technician is an important member of any pharmacy team in California, whether it is in a retail, hospital, or a long-term care facility setting. A pharmacy technician's job is complicated, specialized, and sometimes stressful, but it can also be very personally and professionally rewarding, not to mention well-paying.

However, because California is one of the states that requires pharmacy technicians to be certified by the PTCB, enrolling in an accredited training course at one of the pharmacy technician schools in Bakersfield, CA is a must for most would be certified pharmacy technicians. 

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How Much Can You Earn?

Because formal licensing and certification for pharmacy technicians is required in California, and candidates must complete an approved training program to sit for the PTCE, which will necessitate a significant financial and time commitment on the part of the student, it is critical to consider the return on that investment in terms of salary and potential job opportunities.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average salary paid to a pharmacy technician in Bakersfield, CA was $41,760, which translates to $20.08 per hour. This figure is a little lower than the state average, which the BLS reports was $43,280/$20.81 for 2020 but is higher than the national average of $33,950/$16.32. 

Salaries will vary according to employer, experience, and education level of course. According to the same statistics, the bottom 10% of earners in the field averaged a wage of $27,760 or less, while the top 10% commanded $61,090 or more.

Job Outlook

Job growth prospects for pharmacy technicians in Bakersfield, CA are promising. The most recent BLS estimates projected growth of 13% between 2020 and 2028, but that number is now anticipated to be higher as pharmacies play an increasingly significant role in general basic healthcare and COVID-19 pandemic management, especially in a retail setting.

California Pharmacy Technician Licence & Certification Requirements

As previously stated, unlike some other states, California requires eligible pharmacy technicians to obtain both certification and a state license, and they only accept the PTCB - Pharmacy Technician Certification Board - certification.

To receive a license – or even just to take the PTCE – candidates must have a high school diploma or GED, be over 18, pass drug and criminal background checks, and show they are up to date on mandatory vaccines. To take the certification exam you must now complete a PTCB-approved training course, as mandated by the PTCB.

List of Pharmacy Technician Schools in Bakersfield, Ca

There are several schools and educational institutions in the Bakersfield, CA area that offer such programs, and it is those pharmacy technician schools we are going to take a closer look at here, as each offers something slightly different.

Here are the general topic areas you're expected to cover in a pharmacy technician program: 

  • Medical Terminology
  • Pharmacology
  • Pharmacy Calculations
  • Customer Service
  • Pharmacy Law & Ethics
  • Prescriptions Processing
  • Pharmacy Technician Internship

UEI College Bakersfield

Campus: 3737 Rosedale Hwy, Bakersfield, CA 93308 | Tel: (661) 846-2244 

UEI College operates a network of private vocational schools across the Southwestern United States, including a campus right in Bakersfield, CA. There they offer a 10 month, PTCB approved training program that results in a Pharmacy Technician Certificate. Classes are offered in a hybrid format, with classes split between campus based and online learning. These classes offer an expedited introduction to the field of pharmacy technology and the knowledge and skills required to both take and pass the PTCE and work in an entry level position in a clinical or retail pharmacy setting. In addition to their classroom-based learning obligations students are also required to complete an externship with a local employer to gain hands on, real world experience. To be admitted to the program students must meet all the requirements for California licensing for pharmacy technicians. The cost of the program varies depending on the student's situation and where they live, but the average cost for in-state residents without dependents is c. $16,000. Traditional federal financial aid is available to those who qualify, and it is the primary source of funding for 90% of the school's students.

California State University at Bakersfield

Campus: 9001 Stockdale Highway Bakersfield, California 93311-1022 | Tel: (661) 654-2441

Via their Extended Education Department, the prestigious Cal State offers adults the chance to complete a 12-month Pharmacy Technician Certificate that will prepare them for an entry level job after passing the PTCE and obtaining their Pharmacy Technician license. The class is offered in person on evenings and weekends and is a favorite with those seeking to earn continuing education credits to advance from other pharmacy related positions like cashier. To be admitted, students must meet all California State pharmacy technician requirements. As an adult education offering this program is not covered by traditional student financial aid, but its $6,600 cost - which includes books and fees - may be financed with a student loan from a private lender like Sallie Mae. Some employers may also offer tuition assistance or reimbursement and the school itself offers a three-step payment program to spread out the cost.

High Desert Medical College

Campus: 2000 24th St Bakersfield, CA 93301 | Tel: (888) 633 - 4362

High Desert Medical College is a private vocational school with campuses in several Western states, including one in Bakersfield, California, that focuses on hands-on certificate courses in a variety of medical fields. Their Pharmacy Technician Certificate Program is a campus-based program that can be completed in 34 weeks (8 months) if students attend day classes or 42 weeks (9 months) if students attend evening classes. Only those who meet the California licensing requirements for pharmacy technicians are allowed to enter. Students participate in hands-on lab training and an externship with a local employer in addition to receiving a comprehensive overview of the knowledge and skills required to pass the PTCE. The cost of the program is determined by a student's personal circumstances, income, and state grant eligibility. To assist in determining individual costs, the school provides a net price calculator. Most students, according to the school, pay for their education through traditional financial aid and state workforce grants.

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Kern High School District Regional Occupation Center

Campus: 5801 Sundale Ave., Bakersfield, CA 93309 | Tel: (661) 827-3100

For adult learners able to prove that they reside in the Kern School District the same pharmacy technician program offered to the district's high school seniors as a part of their career curriculum is open, in the evenings, to a limited number of students who can meet CA pharmacy technician licensing requirements and pass an interview with school district administrative staff. The cost of the standard high school semester long program is set at $1,300 for adults and the total is due on enrollment. Financial aid is not available to cover the cost of the program. In return students get a comprehensive, PTCB approved introduction to the profession and extensive PTCE prep from an experienced pharmacist instructor. They also complete a school arranged externship with a local employer. 

Other Cities in California

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