Pharmacy Technician Schools in Boise, ID

The role of a pharmacy technician is changing, as new offerings at pharmacies, including an increase in vaccination clinics and general wellness care, expand their duties and responsibilities. It's an exciting time to become a pharmacy tech, and the possibilities open to graduates of pharmacy technician schools in Boise, Idaho are vast and exciting.

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Pharmacy Technician Salary & Job Outlook in Boise, Idaho

In addition to what they might spend their days doing naturally anyone considering becoming a pharmacy technician in Boise will be interested in finding out what they might earn and the opportunities for growth that are available to them.

In terms of salary, according to the Bureau of Labor statistics latest figures Boise pharmacy technicians averaged salary of $37,030 annually, or around $17.80 an hour. That figure slightly exceeded the state average of $36,250/$17.43 as well as the national average salary for pharmacy technicians of $35,100/$16.87 in the previous year.

Salaries vary, of course, according to employer, experience level and in many cases, education. According to the same BLS statistics the bottom 10% of earners made on average $25,930 per annum or $12.47 (or less) per hour working as a pharmacy technician. At the other end of the scale however the top 10% of earners commanded $49,390/$23.64 or more.

The job growth potential for pharmacy technicians in the Boise area is good as well. It was predicted that between 2019 and 2025 the profession could see up to 15% job growth, but that figure is likely higher now that pharmacies - especially those in the retail sector - are now taking on new roles - and providing new services - in COVID-19 testing and vaccination efforts and general basic healthcare.

Pharmacy Technician Requirements in Boise, Idaho

Regulations - and the strictness of requirements - to work as a pharmacy technician vary from state to state, and those laid down by the Idaho Board of Pharmacy are some of the strictest.

Even students of pharmacy technician schools in Idaho state must register with the Idaho Board of Pharmacy. For student registration students must be over 16, hold, or be working towards, a high school diploma or GED, submit proof of enrollment in a PTCB approved training program and, if over the age of 18 submit to background and drug checks.

To obtain a full license candidates must be over 18, submit proof they have completed an approved pharmacy technician training program, present clear drug and criminal background checks, undergo fingerprinting and hold certification from the PTCB or the NHA, the board that administers the ExCPT Certification test.

Pharmacy Technician Programs in Boise, Idaho

There are a number of PTCB and Board of Pharmacy approved pharmacy technician programs in Boise, Idaho for students to choose from. As they vary in type, class format and cost here is a closer look at them all, to help you make the right decision for you.

Carrington College

Campus: 122 N Liberty St Boise, ID 83704 Tel: (208) 779-3100

Carrington College is a national, private vocational school offering a wide range of certificate programs to an all ages student body. The Pharmacy Tech Certificate Program at Carrington College is a blended learning program that combines campus based classroom learning, online assignments and an externship with a local employer in a retail or hospital setting. It usually takes ten months to complete, but some students can finish and graduate sooner if they do more work at home. The cost of completing the Pharmacy Technician Degree Program varies depending on a student's circumstances, according to the school. To be admitted, students must meet all Idaho student pharmacy technician registration requirements and obtain that registration before the first day of class. Financial aid is available from both the federal and state governments, and some students may also be eligible for local workforce grants. Tuition varies according to a student's residence and personal circumstances and the school advises meeting with an admissions' counselor to determine what yours might be. In addition to being approved by the PTCB, the Carrington College program has now been accredited by the American Society of Health System Pharmacists, a distinction held by only a few such programs across the state, and indeed, the country.

Boise State University

Campus: 910 W University Dr, Boise, ID 83725 Tel: (208) 426-1000

Via their Center for Professional Development, the prestigious Boise State University now offers a PTCB approved pharmacy technician program to Idaho residents that can be completed online. Anyone living in the state can enroll, provided they have a high school diploma or GED, but it should be noted that students must meet all Board of Pharmacy requirements - including obtaining Pharmacy Technician Registration prior to taking a certification exam and applying for a license. The course covers the basics needed to pass the PTCB and begin working as a pharmacy technician in a retail setting. The cost, which includes all books, fees and a voucher to take the PTCE certification test, is set at $2,495. This is a cash only course, and financial aid is not available to help cover the cost.

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College of Western Idaho

Campus: 5500 E Opportunity Dr, Nampa, ID 83687 Tel: (208) 562-3000

The College of Western Idaho currently offers a Workforce sponsored Pharmacy Technician Training Certificate to adult students who qualify and can meet the registration and licensing requirements for pharmacy technicians as set out by the Board of Pharmacy. To be admitted students must complete an intake process via the CWI Workforce Development Council and obtain Student Pharmacy Technician registration from the state. The hybrid in person/online program is PTCB approved and offers a broad overview of the pharmacy technician position as well as the knowledge needed to pass a certification exam. Students can also opt to complete a voluntary externship with a local employer to gain valuable hands-on experience, but this is not currently a requirement for graduation. The program is offered to area residents at a flat fee cost of $2,999. Traditional financial aid is not available, but a flexible payment program is offered via CWI, and some lower income or currently unemployed students may qualify for a scholarship to help offset the cost.

Albertsons Companies

On the Job Pharmacy Technician Training

While the Boise headquartered Albertsons' does not currently offer a formal education program - which they may in the future - they do train suitable candidates and provide on the job learning and online educational materials to help them pass the PTCB and obtain certification and licensing. Applications for open pharmacy technician positions with training opportunities are usually listed on their company LinkedIn account.

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Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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