Pharmacy Technician Schools in Modesto, CA

A pharmacy technician in California is an important member of any pharmacy team, whether it is in a retail environment, a hospital, or a long-term care facility. The job of a pharmacy technician, especially one who has graduated from one of the pharmacy technician schools in Modesto, CA, is complicated, skilled, and often hectic, but it is also very personally and professionally rewarding.

However, as California is one of the states that mandates PTCB certification for pharmacy technicians, completing an approved training course at one of the pharmacy technician schools is a must. 

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Pharmacy Technician Salary in Modesto, CA

As schooling is mandatory in California and will require a significant financial and time investment on the student's part, understanding what making that investment might translate to in terms of salary and future career growth opportunities is a must.

According to figures from the Bureau of Labor Statistics the average salary paid to a pharmacy tech in Modesto, CA is $42,990 annually, or $20.67 per hour. This figure is in line with the state average of $43,280/ $20.81 and higher than the national average of $33,950/$16.32.

These are general averages however, and salaries vary according to experience and employment location. In the lowest 10% of the salary range compensation averages $32,170 per annum, or $15.47 per hour, but in the highest earning bracket averages $62,590/$30.09 or more.

Job growth prospects for pharmacy technicians in Modesto are good too. The latest BLS figures predicted growth of 13% between 2020 and 2028, but that figure is now expected to be higher as pharmacies play a larger and larger role in basic healthcare services and COVID-19 pandemic management.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Modesto, CA

As mentioned, unlike some other states, California requires that qualified pharmacy technicians must obtain both certification a state license, and the PTCB - Pharmacy Technician Certification Board - is the only certification they currently recognize.

To obtain a license - or even just to take the PTCE - students must hold a high school diploma or GED, be over 18, pass drug and criminal background checks and prove they are current on required vaccinations. In addition, they must complete a PTCB approved training course.

In Modesto, CA, three schools currently offer pharmacy technician programs that meet PTCB requirements. And as each of these pharmacy technician schools in Modesto offer something different, it will help you make a better-informed choice to learn a little more about them all.

Abrams College

? 201 East Rumble Road; STE E Modesto, CA 95350 ? (209) 527-7777

Abrams College is a private vocational school offering a range of short certification programs in a variety of fields. Their Pharmacy Technician Certificate offers a basic introduction to the profession, provides the knowledge needed to pass the PTCE and can be completed in fourteen weeks of on campus study.  Classes meet three evenings per week and the program is offered several times a year, making it ideal for working adults or those with children to care for.  To be admitted to the program students must meet all PTCB and State of California requirements for pharmacy technicians. Tuition fees are set at $3,100.00 and includes all books and fees, as well as most supplies needed to complete lab work. According to the school 95% of their students receive federal and state financial aid to pay for their programs, and a limited number of scholarships are offered by the school itself as well.

Institute of Technology

? 5601 Stoddard Rd, Modesto, CA 95356 ? (209) 545-3100

As a private vocational school Institute of Technology offers a comprehensive set of vocational programs, including a Certificate in Pharmacy Technology. This is an 860-hour campus-based program that is usually completed in 40 weeks (about 9 months). Once they meet requirements - which include being PTCE and Board of Health pharmacy technician license eligible, students will need to pass a basic skills test set by the school. They will also need to prove their legal status in the US. In addition to classroom based written work students take hands-on lab classes and complete a short externship with a local retail pharmacy employer. The cost of the program for California residents is $ 17,082.00, including all books, fees, supplies and the cost of taking the PTCE at the end of the course. Almost all students pay for the program by making use of traditional financial aid and state workforce grants.

San Joaquin Valley College

? 5380 Pirrone Road Salida, CA 95368 ? (209) 543-8800

Located just outside Modesto in Salida, San Joaquin Valley College is a private vocational college offering a range of certificate and degree programs in a wide range of subjects. Their Pharmacy Technician Certificate program is a 9-month campus-based offering open to all those who meet PTCB and State of California pharmacy technician requirements. Over the course of the program students are given a comprehensive overview of pharmacy technology as well as specialist prep for the PTCE. In addition, they also complete an externship with a local pharmacy to provide them with real world experience. In addition, those who are interested can complete an additional seven months of study after passing the PTCE, to earn an Associated Degree in Pharmacy Technology. The cost of the program varies according to a students age, residence, and income. The school advises meeting with an admissions representative to determine individual costs. 95% of enrolled students make use of federal financial and state grants to pay for their schooling.


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