Pharmacy Technician Schools in Montgomery, AL

The role of a pharmacy technician is evolving as new services, such as vaccination clinics and general wellness care, are added to pharmacies, expanding their duties and responsibilities.

It's an exciting time to become a pharmacy technician, and the opportunities available to graduates of accredited pharmacy technician programs are vast and varied.

Trenholm State Community College, Troy University and JES Health Services LLC are among some of the top schools offering pharmacy technician programs to residents in Montgomery. 

Here's an in-depth look at them, salary expectations for entry-level pharmacy techs and job growth outlook. 

Let's get started.

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Pharmacy Technician State Requirements

The path to becoming a pharmacy technician in Alabama is a little different to that of many other states. In order to work in Alabama, a pharmacy technician must register with the State Board of Pharmacy and obtain a permit to practice. They must have a formal job offer in order to do so.

They must also be 17 years old, possess a high school diploma or GED, submit fingerprints for analysis, and pass a drug test. Candidates who have been convicted of any drug-related misdemeanors or any type of felony are ineligible to register. Although certification as a pharmacy technician is not required, the majority of employers prefer it and getting that first job offer is key.

Salary and Job Growth Outlook for Pharmacy Technicians in Montgomery

On the whole, pharmacy technicians are increasingly in demand and usually reasonably well paid. In 2022, the average annual wage for a pharmacy technician in the United States was $37,790 or $18.17 per hour, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. Alabama as a whole had a slightly lower figure, at $35,310 per year, or $16.97 per hour. 

In Montgomery specifically the average wage for 2022 was reported as $35,450 per annum, or $17.04. Salaries will differ depending on your level of experience and the company you work for. According to the same BLS figures, the lowest 10% of earners in Montgomery earned $29,120 annually, and the top 10% earned $45,930 annually.

Job growth prospects for pharmacy technicians in Montgomery, AL are good, as they are across the country.

The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicted a 15% increase between 2016 and 2026, but that number is likely to have risen since the outbreak of COVID-19 pandemic as pharmacies have expanded their services - and hiring plans - in response, particularly in the fields of vaccine administration and health testing, both of which certified pharmacy technicians may be involved in.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Montgomery

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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While formal certification is not required to obtain permitted pharmacy technician status in Alabama, it can be extremely beneficial. Employers are impressed by it, and since a formal job offer is required before receiving a state permit, a PTCB certification - and the knowledge and experience gained through a formal training program - means certified candidates for employment will have a distinct advantage.

There are three schools in the Montgomery metro area that can offer students the PTCB approved training they need to take the PTCE. Because they each have something unique to offer, taking a closer look at them here should help you make the best decision possible.

Trenholm State Community College

1225 Air Base Blvd,
Montgomery, AL 36108
Ph: (334) 420-4200

Trenholm State Community College offers both traditional college students and working adults access to a wide range career-focused certificate and associate degree programs at an affordable cost. For those interested in becoming a certified pharmacy technician they offer a 50-hour program after which you would be able to enter the workforce in a retail or other pharmacy setting as a trainee.

The course held over two months is a combination of classroom lectures and hands-on in labs, meets two evenings a week (Mondays & Wednesdays), offers a broad overview of the material covered on the PTCE certification exam, as well as an introduction to the pharmacy tech field in general. To be admitted to the program, students must meet all state permitting requirements.

The program is a cash only offering, priced at $999. This includes the cost of books and fees, but students will also need to cover the $129 fee to take the PTCE. Traditional student financial aid or private student loans are not available to cover the cost, but some students may be eligible for a state workforce grant.

Troy University

Dothan, AL 36303
Ph: (855) 520- 6806

Students who prefer to complete as much of their education online as possible may be interested in the hybrid Pharmacy Technician Certificate offered by Troy University to state permit eligible adult students.

The program, which includes an externship with a local employer that must be completed in person, can be completed in 12 months. Students are given a very comprehensive education in both basic pharmacy technology and the legalities and ethics that are becoming more and more important to the day to day running of any pharmacy. Students also receive extensive PTCE prep.

Most coursework is completed online but a short lab course must be taken in the school's on-campus labs. These can however be scheduled in the evenings to accommodate adults working during the day.

This program is a cash only offering, and as such traditional financial aid cannot be used to cover its $2,495.00 cost. There is, however, an interest free payment plan available or a student may choose to take out a private student loan from a lender like Sallie Mae.

JES Health Services LLC

2629 East Boulevard
Montgomery, AL 36117
Ph: (334) 647-1183

JES Health Services LLC is a private educational company in Montgomery, AL that offers a range of healthcare training courses to city residents. Entrance to their Pharmacy Certificate program is open to all, but students should note they will still need to meet state permitting requirements to work as a pharmacy technician or to take the PTCE certification exam.

The course is a campus based offering that can be completed in eight weeks of part-time evening study. It provides a broad overview of the material covered on the PTCE certification exam as well as a general introduction to the pharmacy technician field. The cost of the program - which includes books and fees - is set at $1,350.

While traditional financial aid and private student loans cannot be used to cover the cost, the school does offer a personalized payment program after an initial $300 deposit upon registration.

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