Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in New Hampshire

A pharmacy technician assists the pharmacist with the preparation and dispensing of medications and supplies using appropriate techniques whilst understanding and have the ability to perform basic pharmaceutical calculations in order to obtain correct doses of medication.

They work collaboratively with Pharmacists, Nurses, Doctors and Insurers and work in a variety of settings including Outpatient (retail), Inpatient (hospital) and Specialty Pharmacies. 

Selecting the best pharmacy technician school in New Hampshire doesn't have to a be a challenging task. There are few key things to consider when looking into a pharmacy technician program to ensure you will find the right school for you.

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What To Look for in a Pharmacy Technician Program

Every pharmacy technician education program is different, and what works for some people may not work for you. That's why doing some comparative research before enrolling in any of these programs pays off - literally, because these programs aren't free.

Here are some things to think about as you go about choosing the right pharmacy technician school for you. 


Accreditation is crucial for several reasons. If you want to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board's PTCE exam, you'll need to make sure the program is approved by the PTCB. 

Furthermore, AHSP (American Society of Health System Pharmacists) accreditation is often (but not always) a sign that a pharmacy technician training program is of exceptional quality. 

Finally, if you want to use federal or state financial aid to pay for your education, you'll need to make sure the school has the necessary accreditations. 

Classroom Learning and Lab Work Mix

A good program will include enough lab instruction as well as standard classroom instruction to prepare a pharmacy technician for their daily responsibilities, which include a variety of practical tasks.

It's worth noting that even online-only programs may include a lab component, with students receiving the necessary equipment from the school to use at home.

Opportunities for Externships

Getting practical, hands-on real-world training with an external employer not only helps students better prepare for the workforce, but it also helps them meet the PTCB's practical requirements.

Externships are available at many schools, and some are even required for graduation, even for students who complete the majority of their coursework online.

Certification Prep

While you must register with the New Hampshire Board of Pharmacy, to work as a pharmacy technician in the state, certification is not mandatory.

It is something that many employers look for however, and to work in the bordering state of Massachusetts, which some New Hampshire residents choose to do, both registration with their Board of Pharmacy and PTCB or NAH certification is required, so obtaining such is a smart career move in general.

With this in mind, ensuring that the school/program they choose offers special prep for certification exams will be very helpful to most students.

Student-to-Teacher Ratios and Employment Rates After Graduation

Most state and federal laws no longer require schools to post this type of information on their websites. Some will say this is information that can be obtained during an entrance interview and some do offer it online as an incentive to enroll.

Whatever the case may be for the schools you're considering, keep these factors in mind and ask about them if and when you have the opportunity.

Top New Hampshire Pharmacy Technician Programs

A state-approved pharmacy technician program will equip you with this knowledge and help prepare you launch a career as a pharmacy technician.

A good place to start searching for good pharmacy technician schools in New Hampshire is your local community college or vocational school. These schools sprinkled in many of the major cities (Manchester, Concord, Portsmouth etc.) offer state-approved pharmacy technician programs helping you launch your new career successfully. 

Here's a list of PTCB-Recognized pharmacy technician education training programs in the state of New Hampshire.

Dartmouth-Hitchock Health
Program: Pharmacy Technician Apprenticeship Program
Length: 9 weeks
Pharmacy Locations: Lebanon and Hoosett NH
Address: 30 Lafayette Street
Lebanon, N.H. 03756
Phone: (603) 653-3229

Life Safety Institute
Program: PTCB CPhT certification
Address: 6 Loudon Rd
Suite 203
Concord, NH, 03301
Phone: (800) 365 - 4CPR

Manchester Community College
Program: Pharmacy Technician Certification Program
Length: 12 weeks
Address: 1066 Front Street
Manchester, NH 03102
Phone: 603-206-8160

White Mountains Community College
Program: Pharmacy Technician program
Length: 12 months
Campus: Online
Address: 2020 Riverside Drive
Berlin, NH 03570
Phone: 877-225-7151

How Much Does a Pharmacy Technician Make in New Hampshire?

The range of pay can be anywhere from $28,921 to $41,431 whilst employers also offer additional fringe benefits.

According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics pharmacy techs New Hampshire average wage in 2021 was $36,820 a year or $17.70 per hour. 

The range of pay can be anywhere from $28,740 or less to $47,580 or more whilst employers also offer additional fringe benefits.

Pharmacy Technician Certification Requirements in New Hampshire

Certification is not a requirement in order to work as a pharmacy technician in the state of New Hampshire however it is a recommended practice for employers to employ those with certification over those without. Given the fact also that regulation is an ever-changing landscape, certification could well become a pre-requisite.

Of interest, there were 1,466 actively PTCB CPhTs as of December 31, 2021 that currently reside in NH,

Additionally certification is generally recognized in most other states allowing you to transition your job to another state. Both PTCB and ExCPT are recognized by the New Hamphsire State Board.

A pharmacy technician course will also help prepare you pass either of these two national certifying exams.

New Hampshire Pharmacy Technician Licensure Requirements

Registration/Licensure with the New Hampshire State Board is required in order to work in the capacity of a pharmacy technician.

Their details are:
57 Regional Drive Concord, NH 03301.
Phone: (603) 271-2350.

The application requirements are: you must be 18 years of age, have a high school diploma or GED, no prior criminal convictions related to controlled substances and include a registration fee of $25.00.

Salary data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, U.S. Department of Labor. Retrieved from [07/22]

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