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A pharmacy technician in California is an important member of any pharmacy team, whether it is in a retail setting, a hospital, or a long-term care facility. The job of a pharmacy technician, especially one who has graduated from a pharmacy technician programs, is a complicated, skilled, and sometimes hectic one, but it is also very personally and professionally rewarding.

Here's what you need to know about getting certified and licensed in California and completing a pharmacy technician program in one of the schools in Roseville, Ca listed below.

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Job Outlook and Salary for Pharmacy Techs in Roseville, Ca

Most people need a good overview of what the job has to offer in terms of salary and future growth prospects before embarking on a new career as a pharmacy technician and investing the time, effort, and money required to attend and graduate from a pharmacy technician training program in Roseville, Ca.

The average wage paid to a pharmacy technician in Roseville, according to Bureau of Labor Statistics data, was $38,910 per year, or $18.71 per hour. This was lower than the state average ($43,280/$20.81), but higher than the national average ($33,950/$16.32).

Salaries vary depending on the employer and level of experience. According to the same data, the bottom 10% of workers earned an average of $27,220 per year, or $13.09 per hour. The average annual salary for the most experienced techs, the 90th percentile of earners, was $57,820 or more, or $27.80 per hour.

The outlook for pharmacy technicians is also promising. According to 2019 BLS statistics, pharmacy technician employment in California is expected to grow by 13% between 2020 and 2028 but given the critical role pharmacies now play in COVID-19 management and mitigation, experts believe the figure is likely to rise even higher.

Pharmacy Technician Requirements for California

Unlike some other states, the State of California requires eligible pharmacy technicians to obtain both certification and a state license, and they only accept the PTCB - Pharmacy Technician Certification Board - certification for licensure consideration.

To receive a license – or even just to take the PTCE – students must have a high school diploma or GED, be over 18, pass drug and criminal background checks, and show they are up to date on mandatory vaccines. As of 2020, to take the PTCE students must now complete a PTCB-approved training course, like those offered by a number of schools in California.

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Roseville, Ca

These pharmacy technician schools in the Roseville and neighboring metro areas all offer something slightly different though, which is what we will take a closer look at here.

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Asher College

Campus: 1215 Howe Ave Suite 101 Sacramento, CA 95825 Tel: (916) 900-2850

Asher College is a private technical college that maintains campuses nationwide. Roseville, CA students can attend Asher College's central Sacramento campus to pursue a Pharmacy Technician Diploma, which many students can complete in as little as nine months. Classes are available both during the day and in the evening (evening students take a little longer to graduate, around 12 months), making it ideal for those who have other work or family obligations that make attending school during the day difficult. The cost of the diploma course is determined on an individual basis, and it varies depending on a student's residency status, income, age, and other factors. Traditional Federal and State financial aid is available to those who qualify, and it is how more than 90% of students pay for the course. Students must meet all the requirements for California licensure to be accepted. The coursework covers the fundamentals required to pass the PTCE certification exam, and an externship arranged by the school provides valuable real-world experience. Some of the program's written components can be completed online, allowing some students to graduate sooner.

Charles A. Jones Career and Education Center

Campus: 5451 Lemon Hill Ave Sacramento, CA 95824 Tel: (916) 395-5800

Charles A Jones Career and Education Center, located in the heart of Sacramento, provides short-term, in-person vocational training in a variety of fields. A 36-week Pharmacy Technician Diploma Course is one of them. The total cost of completing the program is $10,646.00, which includes books, lab fees, and the PTCE exam entrance fee. Because the program is eligible for federal financial aid, those who qualify can use those programs to pay for their education. Students may also be able to get a private student loan from a company like Sallie Mae. Students must meet all California licensing requirements to be accepted into the program. The course is a classroom-based program that lasts 30 hours per week and meets during the day Monday through Friday. Prior to graduation, students must also complete an externship arranged by the school. Near the end of the course, PTCE prep courses are included, and students should have all the necessary knowledge to pass their certification exam.

Consumnes River College

Campus: 8401 Center Pkwy, Sacramento, CA 95823 Tel: (916) 691-7344

As a member of the Los Rios Community College District, Cosumnes College provides affordable diploma and associate degree programs to local students of all ages. Their Pharmacy Technology program is a two-year associate degree program. Academic requirements for acceptance are fairly stringent, including a high school diploma or GED and a 3.0 GPA. Prerequisite courses must be completed either at Cosumnes or at another acceptable secondary education institution prior to admission. In addition, students enrolled in the Pharmacy Technology program must meet all California pharmacy technician licensing requirements. The price of the program varies depending on a student's residence, age, and income. Those who qualify can receive federal and state financial aid. Those who live in the Los Rios Community College District's service area, regardless of age or income, are eligible for the lowest tuition rates.

InterCoast Colleges

Campus: 9738 Lincoln Village Dr #120, Sacramento, CA 95827 Tel: (916) 714-5400

Intercoast Colleges is a vocational education center. Their PTCB approved Pharmacy Technician Diploma Program is designed to give you a head start on becoming a certified pharmacy technician in California. The 800-hour program, which includes an 80-hour externship with a local retail pharmacy arranged by the school, can be completed in about 12 months. Classes are available during the day, evenings, and even weekends, and students are encouraged to pick the schedule that best fits their needs. Those who attend in the evenings or on weekends, on the other hand, will take a little longer to graduate. Students must meet all California pharmacy technician licensing requirements to be admitted to the program. Students who qualify for traditional federal and state financial aid can use it to help pay for school. Tuition costs are determined by a student's age, residence, and income level, with residents paying the lowest rates.

Carrington College

Campus: 8909 Folsom Blvd, Sacramento, CA 95826 Tel: (916) 585-7770

Carrington College has several physical campuses throughout the Southern and Western United States, including one in near to Roseville, CA Sacramento. On the Pharmacy Technology track at Carrington, students can choose between two educational tracks. The first program, a diploma, takes 9-12 months to complete. Students can then progress to the Associate of Science program to complete a Pharmacy Technology focused degree if they wish. The cost of either course is determined by the individual circumstances and current income of the student. Here is a link to the school's course cost estimator, which you can use to figure out how much the course will cost you. Traditional Federal and State financial aid, as well as a limited number of local state employment grants, are available to those who qualify. Students must meet all California licensure requirements and pass a school-set basic skills test to be admitted into the diploma program, which is where all students must begin, even if they later choose to pursue a degree. The Carrington College Pharmacy Technician Diploma course covers all the prerequisite knowledge for passing the PTCE. It also includes a school-sponsored externship that provides valuable hands-on experience in the real world. Classes are primarily held in a classroom setting and are held full-time Monday through Friday. Students who progress to the Associates Degree program gain a more in-depth understanding of clinical pharmacies and the legal issues that pharmacy technicians face on a daily basis. The PTCB and the California Board of Pharmacy have both approved both programs.

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