Best Pharmacy Technician Schools in Vermont

As of May 2021, Vermont employs 730 pharmacy technicians, just under 1% of all salaried pharmacy technicians across the state. 

Job growth is steady, salaries are growing and the lack of certification and stringent training requirements implies this is an opportune time for aspiring pharmacy technicians working in The Green Mountain State.

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What To Look for in a Pharmacy Technician Program

Not all educational programs are created equal, and when it comes to selecting a pharmacy technician program, there are several things to bear in mind as you compare those on offer to make the right choice for you.


Formal certification is not a requirement to work as pharmacy technician in Vermont, but it is something that is preferred by many employers, especially in a clinical pharmacy setting.

In order to sit the more common PTCE certification, as offered by the PTCB, you will need to make sure the pharmacy technician school you choose offers a PTCB approved course of study.

Classroom Learning and Lab Work Mix

While a pharmacy technician might work in a variety of environments, including retail pharmacies, hospital pharmacies, long-term care or urgent care facilities, and more, the ability to execute a variety of physical duties is essential.

Should you choose Retail vs Hospital Pharmacy Technician, learn more in our post here

Practical lab work is a terrific opportunity to get ready for these challenges and obtain the kind of hands-on expertise that many employers look for.

Certification Prep

If you do plan to take a pharmacy technician certification, choosing a program that offers specific test prep can be very helpful, often increasing the chances that you will pass the first time!


As is the case for almost any profession, completing a pharmacy technician externship with a real world employer can enhance the skills learned in school and give you a helpful real world taste of the profession you hope to enter.

Some pharmacy technician programs will arrange an externship for you, so it's certainly something to look out for if you want to gain a practical edge when seeking employment after graduation. 

What Are The Pharmacy Technician Training Requirements In Vermont?

Vermont Board of Pharmacy in Montpelier does not require any formal training in order to register for a license as a pharmacy technician. 

In some instances, the employer may require individuals undergo on-the-job training as part of their employment under the supervision of a licensed pharmacist. The minimum training requirement to work as a pharmacy technician in VT is either a GED or a high school diploma. 

However, if you intend on completing a formal pharmacy technician training program make sure it is accredited by the American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) as this will meet the recommended requirements if you pursue one of the two nationally recognized certifications.

Is Certification Required for the State of Vermont?


The state of Vermont does not require pharmacy technicians to hold any certification to either work or register for a license as a pharmacy technician.

Some employers may provide training and assist individuals in getting their PTCB certification.

Still, other employers such as hospitals may prefer to recruit individuals who hold a nationally recognized certification through either PTCB or ExCPT, the two most nationally recognised CPhT’s exams.

This is something you may want to consider down the road which will enhance your employability and also see a rise in your salary.

Is Licensure/Registration required for the State of Vermont?


The Vermont Board of Pharmacy requires all pharmacy technician to register and obtain their state board issued license.

The process is simple and involves:

  • Filling in the Pharmacy Technician Application Form
  • Include the initial registration fee of $50 making it payable to Vermont Secretary of State
  • Whilst formal training is not required, if you have completed pharmacy technician training certificate supply a copy of it.

Licenses have to be renewed after 24-months and accompanied by a renewal fee of $60.

There are also no continuing education requirements.

The address for sending the application form is:

Vermont Secretary of State
Office of Professional Regulation
Board of Pharmacy
89 Main Street, 3rd Floor
Montpelier VT 05620-3402
Phone: (802) 828-2373 Fax: (802) 828-2465

What is the Average Pharmacy Technician Salary in Vermont?

Salaried pharmacy technicians in Vermont averaged $36,800 per year or $17.69 per hour in 2021 as per the latest data released by BLS. Across the nation, pharmacy technicians average around $36,740 per year, with the top ten percent earning $47,580 and the bottom ten percent earning $28,740 per year.

The pharmacy technician industry is set to experience employment growth between 2020 and 2030. The industry expects to add 16,600 new jobs, so employment is expected to grow by 4 per cent as we see an increase in the demand for prescription medications which overall leads an increase in the demand of pharmaceutical services.

Retail chain pharmacy dominate the employability of pharmacy technicians in the state of Vermont and it is where most pharmacy technician start their careers in.

Some of the well-known and popular employers are:

Salary source: Pharmacy Technicians - Bureau of Labor Statistics 

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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