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Pharmacy Technician Schools in Toledo, OH

A pharmacy technician’s position in Toledo, OH – or anywhere else in the nation – provides a rewarding, well-paid entry into the medical sector in a very hands-on manner, while also being a career that can be started relatively quickly. In Ohio, all pharmacy technicians must register with the state board of pharmacy, and those who […]

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Pharmacy Technician Schools in Dayton OH

Dayton, Ohio may have decreased in population over the past few decades, but it is growing in a different way, as a center for healthcare innovation. This means that the number of pharmacies in the area is increasing, both in retail and clinical settings. That naturally leads to an increase in the demand for pharmacy […]

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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Cincinnati, OH

Pharmacy technicians are critical to the smooth running of a pharmacy. They serve as a bridge between pharmacists and patients by ensuring speedy and efficient service delivery, and easing the workload on pharmacists. Cincinnati, located on the state line between Ohio and Kentucky is the third largest city in Ohio and has access to a number of […]

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Pharmacy Technician Programs in Cleveland, OH

A career in pharmacy technician looks promising due to the recent and projected future growth of that sector. The number of pharmacy technician jobs is growing at 4% each year and will create over 15,000 new jobs by 2029.  Pharmacy technicians are the bridge between patients and pharmacists. They perform functions that help satisfy patients while […]

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