Pharmacy Technician Programs in Fort Lauderdale, FL

There is a huge demand for healthcare services in Ft. Lauderdale - the increasing demand is all over the US. This is a career that is relatively easy and quick to enter with few barriers to entry. 

If you want to become a pharmacy tech in the state of Florida particularly Ft. Lauderdale, the first thing to do is look for prospective pharmacy technician schools and receive an education through Board of Pharmacy-approved courses. 

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Pharmacy Technician Requirements in Florida

In Florida, pharmacy technicians are required to seek a license to operate by registering with the Florida State Board of Pharmacy.

The Florida State Board of Pharmacy also requires pharmacy techs to pass the PTCB exam to perform technical duties in the pharmacy setting.

Aspiring pharmacy techs also need to complete board-approved training to qualify as a pharmacy technician in the state.

To apply for a license, candidates must show proof of completing pharmacy technician training from the board approved center.

Also, you need to be a high school graduate or have GED to apply and complete the criminal background check.

Certification is not required to work as a pharmacy technician in Florida state but it may provide more opportunities and better pay. However, the Florida State Board of Pharmacy requires training for all pharmacy technicians in the state. 

Pharmacy Technician Salary & Job Outlook in Ft. Lauderdale

In Florida, pharmacy technicians will not have trouble finding jobs - Ft. Lauderdale is one of the cities with the highest pharmacy technician jobs.

The projected career growth for 2018 to 2028 is 10% with 2790 annual job openings.

The Projections Managing Partnership reported that there is a predicted increase in career growth to 20% in the coming years, especially in the state of Florida.

In Ft. Lauderdale, pharmacy technicians earn an average hourly rate of $16.34. Some earn $12.05 or less an hour while senior level pharmacy techs can earn up to $21.63 or more an hour.

The average annual income of pharmacy techs in Ft. Lauderdale is $33,980 up to $44,990.

Pharmacy techs may work in chain drug stores, pharmacies, clinics, and hospitals. It involves long working hours which may require standing for long periods of time and sometimes lift heavy loads. 

Pharmacy Technician Schools in Ft. Lauderdale, FL

There is a wide selection of pharmacy technician schools in Ft. Lauderdale to help you enter this field. It is important to choose a school that is approved by the Florida State Board of Pharmacy, has a flexible schedule and also offers an externship to gain real world experience.

Here are some top choices for pharmacy technician programs in Fort Lauderdale.

? 6500 Nova Drive, Davie, FL 33317 |? 754.321.5700

The William T McFatter Technical College offers the Pharmacy Technician - ATD course.

The course takes 1050 hours to complete equivalent to 10 months. It is a hybrid class which means students will need to have access to a computer with an internet connection.

It is a full-time course with classes held Monday to Friday. Classes are held online or on the college campus.

The cost of the course at the time of writing is $2,940 for Florida residents and $11,760 for people from out of the state. There is an additional charge of $547 which covers lab fees, insurance, etc. Financial assistance is available for those who are qualified.

This course is accredited by The American Society of Health-System Pharmacists (ASHP) and Accreditation. Council for Pharmacy Education (ACPE).

Some fairly basic admission requirements consist of submitting a standard High School diploma or GED, undergoing a basic skills assessment, completing a physical exam and immunization record, drug screening, and a level 2 background check.

After the course is completed, you will receive certification and be ready to take the Pharmacy Technician Certification Board (PTCB) exam. 

? 10933 Marks Way Miramar, FL 33025 |? 1-800-693-7010

The Concorde Career Institute is located in the South Florida metro area and offers various courses including their Pharmacy Technician Program.

The program length can vary, but it can generally be completed in 6 months.

The career outlook is positive and a graduate of this course will be qualified to take their position in the workplace and prepared to take the PTCB exam.

Concorde offers both financial aid and scholarships to qualified applicants and can advise on finances whatever your status might be.

Licensure and Accreditation is a vital consideration for any course and more details can be found on the Concorde website.

For the latest pricing for this course, you can request the campus catalog. The COVID-19 pandemic has made pricing, start dates, scheduling quite uncertain, so be sure to contact the college directly to get the latest updates.

Typically the entrance requirements are quite straightforward with a High School diploma/GED and the usual drug test and criminal background check.

Concorde will advise you on the best way to sit the certification exam and to apply for registration with the State Board of Pharmacy.

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Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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? 1701 NW 23rd Ave, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33311 |? (754) 322-2800

The Atlantic Technical College offers a Pharmacy Technician program from their Fort Lauderdale campus.

It typically runs for 1050 hours and can be completed within ten months as a full-time course.

Classes are mostly in a traditional setting in the classroom, but a hybrid approach may be used in the future due to the COVID-19 pandemic. It means students should have access to a computer with an internet connection.

Classes are held from Monday to Friday. When the program is completed, the students will earn an Applied Technology Diploma (ATD which is PTCB-recognized. Students gain various skills from IV Preparation right down to Record Keeping Skills along with pharmacy related coursework.

The prerequisites of the course include submission of a copy of a High School diploma/GED and typically the usual drug test and background check.

When students complete the program they are eligible to register with the Florida Board of Pharmacy as a Pharmacy Technician. They are also eligible to take the National Certification exam which is handled by the State of Florida and PTCB.

Program fees are $3,487 and covers lab, tuition, assessment, registration, activity fees and insurance.  There may be additional costs associated with books, uniforms, special tools, equipment and other related items.

 ? 1830 NW 7th St, Miami, FL 33125 |? (786) 401-7114

The Global Medical and Technical Training Institute is located in Miami, Florida, and it offers the Pharmacy Technician Program. 

Those that complete the course will receive a Pharmacy Technician Diploma.

This program is carried out over 51 weeks and 1020 hours of full-time study. Usually, classes are in person but new restrictions due to COVID-19 might mean hybrid study options are looked at.

A clinical externship of 180 hours at either a hospital pharmacy or a community (retail) pharmacy is also offered as part of the training program to gain "on-the-job” experience and training.

The total cost for the program is $9,790 which is a substantial investment in your future. There are advisors at the college who can discuss financial aid packages for anyone looking to fund their course.

Certification is not a requirement to graduate from this program, although you will be advised about the possibilities of further registration with state boards.

You will receive advice about career opportunities and the college will assist you in finding a Pharmacy Technician job.

Applicants have to submit the standard high school diploma/GED, drug test, and background check. 

 ? 5780 NW 158th Street, Miami Lakes, FL 33014 |? (305) 557-1100

The Miami Lakes Educational Center and Technical College is based in Miami and features various vocational courses including a Pharmacy Technician Program.

The program typically consists of 1050 hours of study and takes two years of part-time study to complete. There is some flexibility to complete the course quicker if you wish. The program is designed to have you ready to accept a Pharmacy Technician position.

Students for this course are required to be at least 16 years old and to not be attending high school. The usual admission requirements of a drug test and a background check apply.

The cost for in-state residents is $2.56/hour and out-of-state students are charged $10.25/hour. There are other incidental charges for IDs, college equipment, etc.

The total estimated cost for Florida residents is $3,395. There are no financial obligations to graduate from this course. You will be advised of any financial aid packages at the college.

Classes are typically held from Monday to Thursday on campus.

After completing the program, students are prepared to sit for either the PTCB or  NHA licensure exams. 

Search Pharmacy Technician Programs

Get information on Pharmacy Technician programs by entering your zip code and request enrollment information.

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